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Packing Range: 1kg~5kg / 5kg~10kg/ 10kg up (Customize Made)


1. Application: Rice, Grains, Seed, Beans, Nuts, Sugar, Salt, Corn, Pet Food, Animal Food, Detergent Powder, Granule Fertilizer, Plastic Resin...etc.

2. Pre-Made Bag Storage Table

3. Auto Bag Pick Up and Feeding Device

4. Auto Bag Opening Device

5. Auto Weighing Filling System

6. Auto Bag Sealing Device

7. Touchable Control Panel: PANELMASTER (Taiwan)

8. PLC control system: MITSUBISHI (Japan)

9. Pneumatic Parts: SMC (Japan)

10. Weighing Indicator: AND (Japan)

11. Load Cell: AND (Japan)

12. Equipped with 30 sets weighing memory, operator can select different weight from touchable panel





Capacity 10~12 Bags/ Minute
Bag Material PP Bag/ PE Bag/ Laminated Bag/ Vacuum Bag
Bag Type Open Mouth Bag/ Preformed Bag



Optional Equipment:

1. Discharge Conveyor

2. Date Coding Machine (MFG/EXP/LOT Number)

3. Product Feeding Conveyor: Bucket Conveyor/ Screw Conveyor

4. Auto Vacuum System (Rice/ Grain/ Bean/ Nuts)

5. Metal Detector