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Mini Weighing Packaging Machine

Mini Weighing Packaging Machine

GD-110: 20g~1kg

GD-120: 50g~2kg

Application: Milk Powder, Protein Powder, Beans, Seeds, Grains, Rice, Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Oats, Nuts, Almonds, Cashew, Sesame, Flour, Powdery Products, Spice, Sesame, Cereal...etc. 



  1. PLC Control System

  2. Touchable Screen (Change weight in 3 seconds)

  3. Weighing System

  4. Load Cell 

  5. Pneumatic Parts: ISO Applied

  6. Vibrating Type Filling System

  7. Equipped with 30 sets weighing memories

  8. Product Contact Parts made by Stainless Steel#304 to meet food sanitary standard