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Bag Filling Sealing Machine

Auto Bagging Machine

Auto Bagging Machine

MODEL: GD-260G  

Packing Range: 1kg~5kg

Packing Range: 5kg~10kg

Packing Range: Customize Made

Machine Specification:

1.   Application: Grains, Seed, Nuts, Rice, Sugar, Beans, Salt, Corn, Peas, Pet Food, Animal Food, Detergent Powder, Granule Fertilizer, Plastic Resin...etc.

2.   Pre-Made Bag Storage Section

3.   Empty Bag Pick Up and Feeding Arm

4.   Auto Bag Opening Device

5.   Auto Filling System

6.   Auto Bag Sealing System 

7.   Touchable Control Panel: PANELMASTER (Taiwan)

8.   PLC control system: MITSUBISHI (Japan)

9.   Pneumatic Parts: SMC (Japan)

10. Weighing Indicator: AND (Japan)

11. Load Cell: AND (Japan)

12. Equipped with 30 sets weighing memory, operator can select different weight from touchable panel



Power 220V/380V/415V
Bag Type Open Mouth Bag
Dimension Customized Made



Optional Equipment:

1. Discharge Conveyor

2. Date Coding Machine (MFG/EXP/LOT Number)

3. Product Feeding Conveyor: Bucket Conveyor/ Screw Conveyor/ Bucket Elevator

4. Auto Vacuum System (Rice/ Grain/ Bean/ Nuts)

5. Metal Detector