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Bag Sealing Machine & Vacuum Sealing Machine

Continuous Vacuum Band Sealer

Continuous Vacuum Band Sealer

  1. Packing material: Any Heat sealable material
  2. Height of sealing head: Adjustable
  3. Sealing speed:  10~20 Bags/ min  
  4. Bag size: Bag Width 0~30cm x Bag Height 0~30cm
  5. Bag Thickness: 0.06mm~0.5mm
  6. Maximum Weight: 5kg/ Bag
  7. Heater: 350W x 2pcs
  8. Vacuum Pump 380W
  9. Power: 200V/ 220V/ 240V (Please confirm)
  10. Dimension: L1300 x W580 x H1170mm
  11. Conveyor Direction: From Right to Left
  12. Optional: Hot Stamp Type Date Coder