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Metal Parts Counting Packaging Machine

Metal Parts Counting Packaging Machine

MODEL: GD-2000 (SCREW/ Bolts/ FASTENER Packing Machine)

Film Material PE Film / Laminated Film/ Tubular Film
Speed Depends on different weight and product specification
Application Fastener, Screws, Metal Parts, Washer...etc.

  1. PLC Control System
  2. Touchable Control Panel
  3. Pneumatic Parts: ISO Applied 
  4. Temperature Controller
  5. Film Storage and Unwinding System
  6. Bag Length Control Sensor
  7. Bag Forming System
  8. Bag Heat Sealing System
  9. Bag Cutting System
  • Weighing Counting System : 2 Head/ 3 Head/ 4 Head
  • Product Feeding System: Conveyor / Bucket Elevator
  • Date Printer