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Powder Weighing Packaging Machine

Powder Weighing Packaging Machine


1. Application:
Flour, Spice Powder, Sugar, Salt, Food Powder, Chemical Powder...etc.

2. The machine includes a bag sealing device

3. Load-cell: AND (Japan)

4. Pneumatic Parts: SMC (Japan)

5. Air Cylinder: SMC (Japan)

6. Solenoid Valave: SMC (Japan)

7. Weighing Indicator: AND (Japan)

8. PLC control system: Mitsubishi (Japan)

9. Touchable Control Panel

10. Two Steps Filler

11. Equipped with 30 sets of weighing memories, operators only need to touch the panel to choose different weight, no need to change any part

12. Equipped with auto malfunction detecting system, the malfunction will be shown on the panel and tell operator how to handle the problem


Packing Range 50g~5kg

Depends on different target weight

Power Supply 220V/ Single Phase







1. Ribbon Mixer

2. Screw Conveyor Feeding System/ High Pressure Vacuum Feeding System

3. Band Sealer (Continuously Bag Sealing Machine)

4. Date Printing Machine
5. Weight Checker
6. Metal Detector