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Vegetable Cutting Machine

Vegetable Cutting Machine 多功能切菜機

Vegetable Cutting Machine 多功能切菜機


功能: 切片/ 切絲/ 切丁/ 切段
輸送機: 寬度120MM 
入料高度: 80MM
運轉速度: 採用變頻器控制


Dual Heads Vegetable Cutting Machine

Function VC-50 = VC-30 + VC-40

Equipped with 3 Set Cutters: Strip Cutter & Cube Cutter & Slice Cutter

(Customized Cube and Strip Cutter Size)



1. Conveyor Width: 120mm

2. Maximum Feeding Height: 80mm

3. Inverter Control

4. Conveyor Motor: 1/2HP

5. Cutting Motor: 1HP x 2

6. Power Suppy: 220V/Single Phase

7. Dimension: L118cm x W53cm x H132cm

8. Weight: 135kg

9. Machine Body: Stainless Steel #304





Leaf Vegetable, Onion, Potato, Carrots, Cabbage, Chili, Cucumber, Bamboo shoot, Taro, Eggplant, Celery, Scallion, Melon, Root Vegetables...etc.